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  • Lola Mansurov

Eid Al Fitr 2023 Community Prayer

Updated: Feb 6



All praise Allah (s.w.t.) for permitting and inspiring the Masjid Khadijah community to pray together for the 2023 Eid Al Fitr. Although our physical masjid is yet to break ground this year, our community strongly supported one another by joining the Eid prayer at Hilton Inverness Hotel in DTC.

MashaAllah, it was heartwarming to see the beautiful faces of our children accompanied by their mothers, fathers and grandparents. It was a festive moment, and I felt proud to share it with my fellow community members. According to the number of people who attended the Eid prayer (over 400 strong!), we are growing, which is a blessing of Allah (s.w.t). We all exchanged lots of hugs, laughs, and delicious doughnuts.

InshaAllah, a group of volunteering brothers and sisters are working on organizing many more events to support our growing community and cater to the needs of our children. So please remember to sign up for the upcoming community potluck. Let's get to know each other and grow further together.

Thank you for joining us in commemorating our community's achievements and milestones. May we always come together and celebrate our accomplishments as a collective, Ameen!

Jazakum Allahu Khairan.

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