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Our Mission

To provide a warm, welcoming, and inclusive space for the Islamic community to grow together as individuals and as a collective.


Our Story

The South Denver Islamic Center was born out of a desire to provide the Islamic community of South Denver a space for prayer, connection, and support. That vision manifested in 2008, as the SDIC was formalized and small gatherings of the community began to take place. Our first rental facility was secured in 2009, and since that time we have been regularly holding Friday prayers, community events, and celebrations.

Fourteen years later, the SDIC is a thriving community. Though the facilities we have utilized in these past years have served us well, our intent has always been to create a permanent home for our community that is built with all of our complex and diverse needs in mind. To this end, our board has worked to raise funds and purchase land to house this new facility. In 2017, we won a lawsuit intended to argue our right to construct a place of worship in the area. As of 2022, the design of our building has been finalized and we are ready to commence construction.


Our Team

(Imam) Umair Kamal edited.jpg

Umair Ibrahim has served as the SDIC imam and khateeb for several years. Umair is hafiz-e-Quran and received his Islamic education in Egypt. He is passionate about ensuring the youth feel they have a place in the Islamic community, and has held regular SDIC youth discussion sessions. As an entrepreneur, Umair owns and runs a business.

Umair Kamal


Adnan Al-Ghourabi edited.jpg

Adnan Al-Ghourabi has been a part of the Denver community since the early 2000s. He has served on the SDIC board since its inception in various capacities. In his professional career, Adnan currently holds the position of Vice President/Managing Director at an S&P 500 organization.

Adnan Al-Ghourabi

Director of Communications & PR

Muhammad Waseem Khan edited 2.jpg

Muhammad Khan has been a part of the Colorado community since the early 90s. He has been actively involved in the boards and construction activities of several Islamic centers in the Denver Metro area. He is passionate about building the community and has been part of other community initiatives. Muhammad is an entrepreneur and has successfully launched and grown a management consulting business.

Muhammad Waseem Khan

President of the Board

Asif Muhammad edited_edited.jpg

Asif Muhammad has been a part of the Denver community since the mid-2010s. He is passionate about building a hub for community activities in the South Denver Metro area. He is currently serving on the board of another Denver community. Asif is a civil engineer and construction manager, and has managed the design and construction of high-rise buildings, community centers, and commercial properties.

Asif Muhammad

Director of Design & Construction

Afzal Khalfay.jpg

Afzal Khalfay has been part of the Colorado Community since early 90s. He has been actively involved in Community development and looks forward to building the Community and Hub in the Southern Denver Suburbs. Afzal currently works as a Senior Director for a S&P 100 company, and has managed large global programs.

Afzal Khalfay


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